We get this question a lot at Carpet Depot Home Center. It comes from homeowners who intend on putting hardwood in their homes. The simple answer is yes. But there are legitimate reasons why this is true. Let's discuss them.

High demand ensures ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) is assured with a hardwood installation in your home. The reason for the demand is mass appeal and preference. The vast majority of homeowners see hardwood as a luxury aspect of their homes. It doesn't matter what wood style you choose; hardwood automatically adds to the house's value because it adds warmth and aesthetic appeal. In the real estate market, homes that have hardwood are highly sought-after because they promise elegance.

Long-lasting material

Every ten years or so, you may need to have your wood flooring refinished. This is a massive plus because wood slats can be easily redone. In addition, professionals can sand and varnish your planks and protect the wood underneath, extending their lifespan. So your installation can last decades, possibly a century, with a bit of attention to it. You can also change the color of your slats with different stains, giving them a more modern look.

The “New” appeal

If you are thinking about a new wood installation, the feature that will stand out is pristine floors. So you can refinish them and offer homebuyers a "new" look to your floors if you have hardwood already. This will appeal to buyers, as they often look for the up-to-date surfacing that won't need any work done.

Hardwood Flooring Company

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