Searching for the perfect floor covering might wonder if wood flooring is right for you. Many homeowners love the characteristics found in this material, and for many reasons.

If you're considering this option for your home, this is a great time to learn more about it. Be sure to consider these facts as you shop for your flooring.

Wood floors offer extensive lifespan options

Wood floors are perfect for your home if you're looking for the most extended lifespan. Engineered materials offer up to 30 years, while solid wood can easily last more than 100 years.

Engineered and solid hardwood flooring offers excellent performance when choosing suitable options. And you can refinish both materials to help them reach their full potential.

Wood floors are perfect for decor matching

One of the best features of these materials is their extensive visual appeal. Choose species, patterns, stain color, texture, and more, to fit your needs.

You can also change how these floors look with the format, width, and installation layouts. Installation can take some time, but the results are well worth the wait.

Wood floors improve your home's value

Even if wood flooring is only installed in one room, wood floors increase the value of your home. This value goes up the more rooms you install it in.

If you intend to sell your home, you'll see a definite return on your investment. If not, you can enjoy the increased equity.

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